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Forum transition FAQ
Topic Started: Jul 9 2018, 12:34:35 AM (198 Views)
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This is a quick rundown of what you need to know. If anything is not answered, please ask.

Where is it:

What about http://www.icmforum.com?
That leads here for now, we'll redirect it to the new forum in a few days, but it would be messy to try to get everyone doing things with the domain in flux. icmforum.com without the www will also work.

Whats the "s" in https?
The new forum has SSL, which means that it's just that little bit more secure, as when you send your password and other messages they're encrypted until they get to the server.

My password doesn't work!

Because we can't see passwords and don't have access to the database here there was no way to port your password over. We've generated new passwords for you which have been sent in a PM. If you didn't get it or lost it you can still login to the new forum by clicking the forgot password link and following the link sent to your email (CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER!). You must change your temporary password to something else, even your previous password here, so that it remains private (your new password needs to be at least 8 characters have an upper case letter a lower case letter and a number, it can, but is not required, to have symbols).

Why are we leaving?
Zetaboards has been bought out by tapatalk, this has brought about some changes and communication has been very slippery and ambiguous. It's possible we could have stuck it through with tapatalk but they don't have a good reputation so we felt it best to move thanks to the wonderful support from the community.

Doesn't hosting cost money?
Yes, and thanks to the generous donations of over 50 members we now have hosting paid for several years. The forum will always remain free to use, so if you didn't or couldn't donate that's ok, we're glad to have all of you here.

What else do I have to do?
Your avatar and signature are also not ported over, so you'll need to update those.
Your signature should most likely, with a few exceptions, work in the new forum if you just cut and paste it. If you have issues ask here or in the transition thread on the new forum.
Avatars on the new forum are 150w by 250h as opposed to 150x150 here. However, unlike here, the forum software will not automatically resize your image, so you will need to do that yourself, either on yout computer or an imagehost like imgur. If you have issues let us know and we'll help you out.

Did anything else not transfer?
PMs didn't transfer as they, like passwords, are private and we can not access them. They're still here so you can copy them or save them if you want. All posts, post counts, emails registration dates transferred, polls results did not.

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