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Viewing Single Post From: Which Films Did You See Last Week? 04/03/18-10/03/18
Perception de Ambiguity
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you are your faith - lose it and you're not
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Mar 11 2018, 03:06:44 PM

Welt am Draht - 'The Thirteenth Floor' is a decent 90s American adaptation of the same source material (but there are differences too).
Stranger Than Paradise - Could use a rewatch.
Down by Law - Could use a viewing.
I N T E R S T E L L A R - Seen 4 times myself.


Kevin - 7
Krůtki film o miłości - 9


An Education - Might've been the first film with Carey Mulligan I saw.
Up - '"Up"? What does that mean?'
'Did you see that? They're brainwashing people with jargon. "Up" is a creation of The Globalist Paedophile Network.'


Vertigo - Rewatched it in September or so. 10/10

Read the LOTR books as well. Never seen the Extended Versions though, can't say I'm looking forward too much.


Only Lovers Left Alive - Started off as a 7 for me too, grew a lot over the last two years, and after 3 viewings it's at an 8+.
Dni zatmeniya - 5-6
Tron: Legacy - Recognise Daft Punk's 'Derezzed' now? Saw it before the 1982 one too, liked both: 6++


Oh, hai!

Hitler, ein Film aus Deutschland - Any words on it?

Świadectwo urodzenia - Here's one more rating to make Joachim cry: 6/10

Mute - Will watch for sure.

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? - Can't think of a film with more witty, vicious, and emotionally charged dialogue. Only seen it once so far, but I know it deeply impressed me when I saw it.

Lady Blue Shanghai Poem: "It holds the love" - That was new to me. Thanks.

The Simpsons: "Lisa the Simpson" - Me and Frostillicus go back a loooong way....

Dear log, can it be true? Does every Simpson go through a process of dumbening? Hey, thatís not how you spell "dumbening". Wait a minute... "dumbening" isnít even a word!

You're my favourite customer! Bye-bye!


The Fourth Dimension (2001, T. Minh-ha Trinh) 7

GAMBLING, GODS AND LSD (2002, Peter Mettler) 10/10

화엄경 / Passage to Buddha (1993, Jang Sun-woo) 7

Vital (2004, Shinya Tsukamoto) 7

Shorts, etc.:

The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up [Uncensored] (1997, Jonas Ňkerlund) (two viewings) 7+
POV Gaspar Noť-like high Thrill-O-Meter drugs & sex-infused night odyssey.
This is the version to watch: https://vimeo.com/31482159

The Weeknd - False Alarm (2016, Ilya Naishuller) 6
POV and fucking drones? Damn.

Biting Elbows: Bad Motherfucker (2013, llya Naishuller) (2nd+ viewing) 6

The 90th Academy Awards / The Oscars (2018, Glenn Weiss) 3
Undoubtedly the most Buddhist thing I saw this week.

The News Hasnít Happened Yet | #3: UP (2018, David Firth)

A plethora of Trey Parker and Matt Stone interviews & material, including a rewatch of Ď6 Days to Air: The Making of South Park (2011, Arthur Bradford)í.

South Park:
Bloody Mary (rewatch)
The Poor Kid
Fat Butt and Pancake Head
Sexual Healing (rewatch)
T.M.I. (rewatch)
Itís Christmas in Canada

Song of the week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cK3NMZAUKGw
Oh, hai!

>Świadectwo urodzenia - Here's one more rating to make Joachim cry: 6/10<
Yup! Yup! Drop it!

>Hitler, ein Film aus Deutschland - Any words on it?<
I could, if I wanted...
Posted Image
I'll let the screenshots later do the talking.

Mute - Something I thought should be of interest to you, although I recently actually liked 'Breaker' and 'Hyper-Reality' better than you. I probably wouldn't have bothered with it if it hadn't been for this praise which made me curious: https://twitter.com/greatdismal/status/967270258925948928?lang=en
And for a long while I was quite into it ("Could this be the new 'New Rose Hotel'?") but by the end its seeming narrative aimlessness felt more like directorial cluelessness rather than something done by design and just like that its strength turned into its weakness, in retrospect the film even seems kind of conventional and square.

Any words from you about any of your features this week or do I not have to worry about it?

Babymetal is fine, of course.
My song vibration of the week was this:

>The 90th Academy Awards / The Oscars (2018, Glenn Weiss) 3
Undoubtedly the most Buddhist thing I saw this week.<
Because one requires Zen-like patience and peace of mind to sit through this shit show (and Kimmel's opening monologue alone)?
Edited by Perception de Ambiguity, Mar 11 2018, 04:09:00 PM.
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