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Mar 11 2018, 10:50:49 AM
I rewatched the three LOTR extended editions films back to back a few years ago. I'm a huge fan of all three and have been since I first saw them, but I was most familiar with the first one (definitely one of the films I've seen the most number of times). Because I know it beat for beat, the extended edition felt weird and the pacing felt wrong and although I still liked seeing more of the world, it also brought me out of it because it just didn't work. The other two I didn't remember as well and I didn't feel such an interruption in the pacing - but idk if they're better or it's just because I'm not as familiar with them.
Exactly. I agree. I'll try to respond to this after I watch the next two.
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Which Films Did You See Last Week? 04/03/18-10/03/18 · General Film Discussion
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