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Viewing Single Post From: Which Films Did You See Last Week? 04/03/18-10/03/18
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Interesting theory about Kevin. That makes sense, though it also makes me like his character even less. I really need to watch the film again to comment much further, but I recall him being pretty one dimensional - someone whose skin was never really penetrated by the film (perhaps because Swinton couldn't understand him either).


It is certainly interesting how the animated film has evolved since the days of the Fleischers and Chuck Jones where the breaking of physics laws were the height of humour; Wile E. Coyote pausing, looking and waving goodbye before falling off a cliff and so on. I guess what I liked about physics being pushed to one side in Up is how it helped to further the idea of an old man embracing a childhood dream. I certainly massively preferred the crazy shots of the floating house, and him walking around the jungle, holding his house like a helium balloon, to the other more fantastical elements of the film like the talking dogs.


Yes, Vertigo certainly has a creepiness factor in it: the way he dresses her up, the way she goes along with it and so on. I imagine those sequences would be pretty uncomfortable to view were we not clued into the twist.

I suppose I might rewatch Jackson's Lord of the Rings films again at some point, but it certainly is not a high priority and I don't think I would be able to see through the extended editions. I had enough trouble making it through the standard releases of the films at the time.


Yes, Tron Legacy is a sequel, though watching the first film is unlikely to help your appreciation of the newer one. The original Tron is notable for some pretty cool costumes and imaginative special effects, but the premise is utterly ridiculous with some of the most inane conceptualisations imaginable of what it might be like to be inside a computer. Agreed with funky that a 10 minute cut of Tron would do you better if you could find one.
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Which Films Did You See Last Week? 04/03/18-10/03/18 · General Film Discussion
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